David Hilfiker, “Mistakes”

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June 18, 2018
Alarming prevalence of Indian suicidal behaviors and rates
June 18, 2018

David Hilfiker, “Mistakes”

David Hilfiker, “Mistakes”, Online Text, On Doctoring pg 325

Answer the following questions:

1- The narrative that begins the essay is a heartrending one and provides examples of mistakes that physcians can make. Yet, critics argue that the narratives prove David Hilfiker is incompentent. What is your initial viewpoint?
2-Does the narrative (presenting his mistakes) work to create him as an authority on mistakes? or does it undermine his argument?
3-He argues that many physicians make mistakes. Does this ring true to your experience?
4- Why do doctors expect perfection? Why do patients?
5- What does he argue is the biggest problem with “hiding mistakes”? (claim)
6-Why is this a problem? (grounds)
7- What are the different types of mistakes?
8-One of the main problems he believes is the culture thriving in University hospitals. What is this culture? What repeatedly happens to give false impressions of falibility?
9-What are the three actions that a physician can take to face the guilt?
10-What are the problems with each?

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